The first meeting of Ukrainian Adobe Flash platform user group (UAFPUG) went well!

March 16th, 2008

Kharkiv, Ukraine is quickly becoming a popular place for Ukrainian Flash and Flex developers to meet.

After intoductory meeting of Ukrainian Adobe Flash platform user group(UAFPUG) at February 2008 codenamed UAFPUG-0, the first real seminar UAFPUG-1 had quickly followed at 15th of March, 2008 at Global Logic office premises at Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Speakers list had included 3 (THREE!) talented local Flash profesionals who had presented to the audience of 45 attendees mostly from all major cities in Eastern Ukraine and Kyiv included + 1 international visitor from Russia.

The speech topics were as follows:

  • Event flow model in ActionScript 3.0 (presented by Pirrest)
  • Introducing Flash media server 3.0 feature (presented by Dinosaur)
  • Applying PureMVC framework to the creation of vector map of Moscow city (like does) (presented by _rost)
  • .
    UAFPUG-1 meeting
    Rostyslav Syrik _rost discusses the ins and outs of PureMVC framework.

    UAFPUG-1 meeting audience
    The UAFPUG-1 meeting audience was very into the subject of the seminars :).

    Thank you to all of you, who had helped to make this meeting to become a reality, especially _rost, Reijji, __i, Pirrest and Global Logic team crew.

    Adobe, please help ukrainian developers to thrive by sending over the ocean a few Adobe Flex books

    June 6th, 2007

    With this post I want to make my Amazon wishlist visible to Adobe filled with some really really good Adobe Flex 2 books that I’ve never could yet afford to purchase.

    I promise to Adobe to distribute some of the books within my company ( 4 full time Adobe Flex developers) and within our small, but growing community of Adobe Flex developers in Ukraine.

    Here is my shared Amazon wishlist:

    My Wish List

    I was inspired by the post of Dan Wilson who had recently enjoyed receiving a package with learning materials from Adobe.