Cool audio/video player built in Laszlo

March 30th, 2006

I got to know today, that there are at least 5 cool Laszlo developers in Berlin, Germany and most of them are employed in Yokai studios ( site done by help of Laszlo technology).

I am not sceptical here, there are currently only 5 good ( not equal to cool :)) Adobe Flex developers ( me included) in Kyiv, Ukraine ( yep, I am located here 🙂 that I currently aware of.

Yokai studios had delivered quite cool web-site for regional radio-station 104. 6 RTL. Yokai studios developers had applied ColdFusion, Laszlo and some common sense to create an smooth and appealing experience for the visitors of radiostation’s web-site.

Most of all, I liked audio/video player built by the help of Laszlo. Audio/video playback capability – is something that Flash player doing extremely well and no wonder more and more web-sites are supporting Flash video FLV format as a main file format for the video content to be displayed at the web.

Jukebox player

After Pandora’s jukebox, it is a second attempt I saw to create a multimedia player online in Laszlo and both attempts rocks! in my mind.

IMHO, In the battle of commercially deployed audio/video players
Laszlo : Adobe Flex 2:0

Why Flex is more superior over open-sourced Laszlo? Here is my take

November 21st, 2005

   While there is quite a number of technoolgies aiming to ease the life of modern RIA developer ( Droplets, Xamalon/XAML/Sparkle, Laszlo, JSF, XUI, XUL based stuff, SwixML, Thinlets, XSWT, Luxor, Keystone, Jazilla, Vexi, Ajax, etc… thanks for this list Tariq Ahmed from Flexcoders mailing list we the three contenders for the final choice as main technology to deliver RIA applicatiion at client.

   The conteders are: Flash, Flex and Laszlo. No surprise, here.

   We selected Macromedia Flex as our initial choice in summer 2005 and we do not yet regret about it.

   The selection creterea were: the exisitng developer base, the innovation development done with this technology, the solid widget library, AMF binary protocol support, final download size of SWF, final time of the development to name a few.

   I would like to hear more both from strong opponnnets of Flash and Laszlo technologies how those technologies can be superior over Macromedia Flex to deliver enterprise level RIA in web-browser.