v.0.15 update for InputAssist component – Flex 4.5 SDK Ready!

May 11th, 2011

Bugs fixed
[!] Fixed issue when open popup windows was not automatically closed when MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL occurred somewhere outside of the component;
[!] Fixed issue “Error when hit Enter in InputAssist with no dataProvider”

And the last, but not the least – InputAssist is now ready to be used in projects compiled against Flex 4.5 SDK – I just did some code trick due to the public API change in MatrixUtil.getConcatenatedMatrix method in Flex 4.5.

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As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at github.com/JabbyPanda/InputAssist

December v.0.14 update for InputAssist component

December 30th, 2010

Looks like I got into the fashion of monthly updates for InputAssist UI component.

Please welcome the last update for InputAssist component in 2010 year!

Bugs fixed
[!] Fixed issue when adding/removing dynamically items to dataProvider did not reflect in visual updating of the component;

[!] selectedItem cannot be set to the value that is not present in dataProvider;

[!] Setting “prompt dynamically does not reset displayedText;

[!] Updating the position of popUp with data items every time when available data list shrinks/expands;

Demo that illustrates correct behaviour:

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internal API changes
[*] private property _collection is now typed as ListCollectionView;

[*] Replaced internal HighlightItemListEvent.ITEM_CLICK event with ItemClickEvent.ITEM_CLICK event;

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at github.com/JabbyPanda/InputAssist

I wish you all Happy New 2011 year for the Flash Platform!

InputAssist is updated to 0.13 release

November 15th, 2010

   The 0.13 version does not contain a lot of new exciting features, the main focus of this version was to fix a couple of not so crucial bugs and to make sure that we will not have possible memory leaks when adding/removing InputAssist component to the DisplayList.

The only “new” feature is that InputAssist now supports dataProvider typed as ArrayList.

    Here is the full changelist for this release:

[!] Fixed issue with resetting visible “prompt” value when changing dataProvider
[!] Fixed issue by keyboard navigation by the help of Keyboard.UP and Keyboard.DOWN buttons
within option list if option list was closed and reopened.
[!] Items that had “-” or “+” symbols in its labels were not properly filtered
[!] Creating complete copy of passed ArrayCollection into dataProvider to avoid filtering of the original data source
[!] Fixed RTE when using InputAssist control within Adobe AIR app in “onFlexWindowActivate” event listener
[!] Started to use weak references when adding event listeners to avoid possible memory leaks
[!] “dataProvider” property now accepts data list typed as ArrayList.

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at GitHub

InputAssist control is updated to 0.12 release

October 15th, 2010

As always the latest source code and SWC file can be downloaded from GitHub:http://github.com/JabbyPanda/InputAssist

Short description of new features:

“processing” property
   Quite often the long data list is being loaded into InputAssist control asynchronously from remote destinations. Now InputAssist is able to display “hourGlass” icon during the data loading process by controlling “processing” property.

“errorMessage” property
    If InputAssist’s dataProvider is currently empty, then there is nothing to be chosen from. Displaying “errorMessage” text and disabling the control gives the user the right UI feedback about the component state.

“prompt” property
   If no value is not selected yet via InputAssist control, the control can display text specified by the “prompt” value to explain what action is expected to be taken from the user side.

   Alternative usage of “prompt” property that I can think of – is to display the suppossedly selected current data object label which is not present in the InputAssist’s dataProvider list == e.g. this selected data object is not valid and should be altered by the further user action.

And yes, sorry about long time delay to retrieve city list in the demo below, it is not a component fault, but long service time response from api.business.gov

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Changelog for 0.12 release:
[+] Added property “prompt”
[+] Added property “errorMessage”
[+] Added property “processing”

[!] Fixed issue with dispatching InputAssistEvent.CHANGE event for nullable selectedItem
[!] Fixed issue with auto-completion by hitting ENTER key

Flex 4 AutoComplete is now known as InputAssist, announcing 0.1 release

September 1st, 2010

The source code will be permanently available at GitHub (yes, new kid in the block instead of Google Code or SourceForge).



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Changelog for 0.1 release:

[+] Added style “highlightBackgroundColor” to InputAssist
[+] Added Ant build script
[+] Packaged as SWC library

[*] Changed classes namespace to match industry standard
[*] Changed the algorithm for the highlighting of matched text segments, thankfully to
Maxim Kachurovsky “Slov v sapogah” for an idea

[!] Fixed the appearance of popup list when “forceAuto” option is on and
system focus is moved back and forth between 2 different instances of FocusManager class.

Should my Flex 4 AutoComplete to be renamed as InputAssist?

August 25th, 2010

I am currently in a process of updating the code for the component previously known as “Flex 4 AutoComplete component with text highlighting”.

This process get me a chance to think a little bit about component branding.

What I’ve recently had learned that AutoComplete is a very common name for the component with such a functionality.

I know, at least, 4 different Flash platform contenders, all of them use “AutoComplete” word in its name:

  1. com.adobe.flex.extras.controls.AutoComplete control written for Flex 2;
  2. Flextras commercial component AutoCompleteComboBox;
  3. Hillel Coren’s AutoComplete control;
  4. And the last, but not least, the Flex 4 AutoComplete component written by Tenger Ivan.

While “AutoComplete” is a very strong brand and it is well known to the end users, I’d like to bring into Flex components naming world more creativity.

What if I will rename AutoComplete control to InputAssist? You see, my component not only “auto-completes”, it is also providing an helping hand to faster select the value in need from the list of options.

So, in general, what do you think of InputAssist name?

Flex 4 AutoComplete component with text highlighting

March 8th, 2010

   Updated: More recent version of this component was announced at September.

   Disclaimer: My implementation of AutoComplete component is based on the revised codebase of AutoComplete 4 component originally created by Tenger Ivan from FlashCommander.org

   Two different search modes are supported : PREFIX and INFIX, to see the difference please play with the interactive sample file below.

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   The auto-completion operation can be achieved in two ways:

  • via keyboard
    First, select the list item by moving selected index via UP and DOWN keys and confirm the choice by hitting ENTER key

  • via mouse
    Just mouse click upon the currently selected list item.

       Disclaimer: the source code of this component is of beta quality and can be obtained for free here: ZIP file, 23 kb. If any bug is found, please let me know.

       UPD: Updated sample file with a real world list of 978 US universities.
       Also a few bugs were fixed related to case insensitive search and not working text highlight of the last string character.