December v.0.14 update for InputAssist component

December 30th, 2010

Looks like I got into the fashion of monthly updates for InputAssist UI component.

Please welcome the last update for InputAssist component in 2010 year!

Bugs fixed
[!] Fixed issue when adding/removing dynamically items to dataProvider did not reflect in visual updating of the component;

[!] selectedItem cannot be set to the value that is not present in dataProvider;

[!] Setting “prompt dynamically does not reset displayedText;

[!] Updating the position of popUp with data items every time when available data list shrinks/expands;

Demo that illustrates correct behaviour:

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internal API changes
[*] private property _collection is now typed as ListCollectionView;

[*] Replaced internal HighlightItemListEvent.ITEM_CLICK event with ItemClickEvent.ITEM_CLICK event;

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at

I wish you all Happy New 2011 year for the Flash Platform!