December v.0.14 update for InputAssist component

December 30th, 2010

Looks like I got into the fashion of monthly updates for InputAssist UI component.

Please welcome the last update for InputAssist component in 2010 year!

Bugs fixed
[!] Fixed issue when adding/removing dynamically items to dataProvider did not reflect in visual updating of the component;

[!] selectedItem cannot be set to the value that is not present in dataProvider;

[!] Setting “prompt dynamically does not reset displayedText;

[!] Updating the position of popUp with data items every time when available data list shrinks/expands;

Demo that illustrates correct behaviour:

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internal API changes
[*] private property _collection is now typed as ListCollectionView;

[*] Replaced internal HighlightItemListEvent.ITEM_CLICK event with ItemClickEvent.ITEM_CLICK event;

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at

I wish you all Happy New 2011 year for the Flash Platform!

DateField4 component for Flex 4 SDK

December 2nd, 2010

   As we all know, a current Flex 4 SDK does not include a new Spark DateField control. And an older ‘halo’ DateField component is left abandoned somewhere in 2008 year. This leaves the users of Flex SDK with simply no choice available out of the box to support the entry of formatted date data entry in standard international date formats.

   Thus, today I am releasing my open-sourced component DateField4 that fixes a number of bugs and issues related to international dates and inline date editing.

   I’ve named my component DateField4, to emphasize the fact that this component is only meant to be used with Flex 4 SDK and beyond.

   Below is the demo that showcases the difference between DateField4 and ‘halo’ DateField.

   For example, you may notice, that ‘halo’ DateField does not support neither French nor Italian international date formatting even to display the date, oouch.

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   This demo was compiled using newest build of Flex 4.5 SDK to showcase a new Spark Form (good news – we are no longer limited to display validation errors in single tooltip).

   The complete list of new features and bug-list fixes:

[*] Always enabled much improved custom validator for editable DateField that fully supports i18n dates;

[*] Limiting the data entry to “allowedFormatChars” value + numeric chars for editable DateField;

[*] Added “autoShowDropDown” property that controls when dropDown DateChooser menu is displayed;

[*] Pressing ESCAPE key resets the date selection to the previous value before DateField control had obtained a focus;

[*] Improved keyboard navigation for dropDown DateChooser menu when DateField is editable: RIGHT, LEFT, UP, DOWN, PAGE_UP, PAGE_DOWN key strokes are supported;

[!] Fixed SDK-23069 [Localization]: DateFormatter.parseDateString does not support non-latin characters in month and days names;

[!] Fixed SDK-23075 “[Localization]: DateField should support “MMM” and “MMMM” for formatString”;

[!] Fixed SDK-26715 “DateFormatter “parseDateString” method cannot parse dateString value formatted with non default en_US format”;

[!] Default width of DateField is wider by 4px to correctly display selected Date when moving cursor caret to the end of the text.

Public Git URL for this project is: