InputAssist is updated to 0.13 release

November 15th, 2010

   The 0.13 version does not contain a lot of new exciting features, the main focus of this version was to fix a couple of not so crucial bugs and to make sure that we will not have possible memory leaks when adding/removing InputAssist component to the DisplayList.

The only “new” feature is that InputAssist now supports dataProvider typed as ArrayList.

    Here is the full changelist for this release:

[!] Fixed issue with resetting visible “prompt” value when changing dataProvider
[!] Fixed issue by keyboard navigation by the help of Keyboard.UP and Keyboard.DOWN buttons
within option list if option list was closed and reopened.
[!] Items that had “-” or “+” symbols in its labels were not properly filtered
[!] Creating complete copy of passed ArrayCollection into dataProvider to avoid filtering of the original data source
[!] Fixed RTE when using InputAssist control within Adobe AIR app in “onFlexWindowActivate” event listener
[!] Started to use weak references when adding event listeners to avoid possible memory leaks
[!] “dataProvider” property now accepts data list typed as ArrayList.

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at GitHub

  • Rio Grande

    Thanks for the updates 😉

  • Rio Grande

    Hi it’s me again 🙂
    I think it could be interesting to automatically select the first element of the list went you hit Enter on your keyboard.
    For now if you type ‘Enter’ (event when you have the whole word) you get a blank field.