InputAssist is updated to 0.13 release

November 15th, 2010

   The 0.13 version does not contain a lot of new exciting features, the main focus of this version was to fix a couple of not so crucial bugs and to make sure that we will not have possible memory leaks when adding/removing InputAssist component to the DisplayList.

The only “new” feature is that InputAssist now supports dataProvider typed as ArrayList.

    Here is the full changelist for this release:

[!] Fixed issue with resetting visible “prompt” value when changing dataProvider
[!] Fixed issue by keyboard navigation by the help of Keyboard.UP and Keyboard.DOWN buttons
within option list if option list was closed and reopened.
[!] Items that had “-” or “+” symbols in its labels were not properly filtered
[!] Creating complete copy of passed ArrayCollection into dataProvider to avoid filtering of the original data source
[!] Fixed RTE when using InputAssist control within Adobe AIR app in “onFlexWindowActivate” event listener
[!] Started to use weak references when adding event listeners to avoid possible memory leaks
[!] “dataProvider” property now accepts data list typed as ArrayList.

As always, the most recent source code of the component and compiled SWC library file is available at GitHub