InputAssist control is updated to 0.12 release

October 15th, 2010

As always the latest source code and SWC file can be downloaded from GitHub:

Short description of new features:

“processing” property
   Quite often the long data list is being loaded into InputAssist control asynchronously from remote destinations. Now InputAssist is able to display “hourGlass” icon during the data loading process by controlling “processing” property.

“errorMessage” property
    If InputAssist’s dataProvider is currently empty, then there is nothing to be chosen from. Displaying “errorMessage” text and disabling the control gives the user the right UI feedback about the component state.

“prompt” property
   If no value is not selected yet via InputAssist control, the control can display text specified by the “prompt” value to explain what action is expected to be taken from the user side.

   Alternative usage of “prompt” property that I can think of – is to display the suppossedly selected current data object label which is not present in the InputAssist’s dataProvider list == e.g. this selected data object is not valid and should be altered by the further user action.

And yes, sorry about long time delay to retrieve city list in the demo below, it is not a component fault, but long service time response from

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Changelog for 0.12 release:
[+] Added property “prompt”
[+] Added property “errorMessage”
[+] Added property “processing”

[!] Fixed issue with dispatching InputAssistEvent.CHANGE event for nullable selectedItem
[!] Fixed issue with auto-completion by hitting ENTER key