Flex 4 AutoComplete is now known as InputAssist, announcing 0.1 release

September 1st, 2010

The source code will be permanently available at GitHub (yes, new kid in the block instead of Google Code or SourceForge).



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Changelog for 0.1 release:

[+] Added style “highlightBackgroundColor” to InputAssist
[+] Added Ant build script
[+] Packaged as SWC library

[*] Changed classes namespace to match industry standard
[*] Changed the algorithm for the highlighting of matched text segments, thankfully to
Maxim Kachurovsky “Slov v sapogah” for an idea

[!] Fixed the appearance of popup list when “forceAuto” option is on and
system focus is moved back and forth between 2 different instances of FocusManager class.

  • Tim Keir

    Nice work! One small query (and I haven’t had time to view your source yet so forgive me if this is already covered). On first click of the text input (on focus) the InputAssist list pops up covering the input. Although you can still type in the background and filter the list it personally feels a little clunky and in the way as I can’t see what I’m typing. Perhaps the list should be below the field by default and possible have customizable positioning (e.g. to the side if desired etc).

  • 2Tim Keir: Thank you for your feedback.

    The initial height of the demo was too little (150px) to show the popup menu in the whole size, now the height of the demo is updated to 300px.

  • Simon Welland

    Thank you for the component, it looks really good. A quick question, looking through your github folders I saw that the SWC was over a megabyte in size. Am I missing something?
    Cheers, Simon.

    • The size of SWC file is over 1Mb because when I compiled SWC file with an Ant, it had included framework code into the library, which is probably was not needed at all. If you know how to instruct Ant to not include framework code into SWC library, please let me know.

      Meanwhile, I’ve compiled SWC file called “InputAssist-0.11.swc” by the help of Flash Builder IDE with framework linkage option set to “external” and I’ve just updated Git repository with a resulting SWC file which is now 17Kb.

      Keep on looking on this blog if you are interested in this component, I am preparing an update for this component with a added new functionality (display of “welcome prompt” message, “error” message, display of “processing” icon when fetching remote data list… and a few minor bug fixes).

  • Julien

    I’ve just given a try to your component, and found a weird bug (my source is an ArrayCollection, and I specified a labelField) :
    When I start typing some letters (always ‘o’, ‘s’, …), for which I should get a match with the INFIX_SEARCH mode, I get no results, the list in the PopUpAnchor is empty, and then I cannot click anywhere inside my application (no focus either).
    No problem with the PREFIX_SEARCH mode.

  • 2Julien: Are you using latest InputAssist build, which is 0.13 ?

  • Julien

    I’m using the 0.14 release.

  • 2Julien: Cool, you are using the latest, not yet publicly annouced release. 🙂

    Let’s continue communication via email to resolve your issue.

  • thx, looks cool. was looking for an infix search

  • thx, looks cool. was looking for an infix search