Flex 4 AutoComplete is now known as InputAssist, announcing 0.1 release

September 1st, 2010

The source code will be permanently available at GitHub (yes, new kid in the block instead of Google Code or SourceForge).



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Changelog for 0.1 release:

[+] Added style “highlightBackgroundColor” to InputAssist
[+] Added Ant build script
[+] Packaged as SWC library

[*] Changed classes namespace to match industry standard
[*] Changed the algorithm for the highlighting of matched text segments, thankfully to
Maxim Kachurovsky “Slov v sapogah” for an idea

[!] Fixed the appearance of popup list when “forceAuto” option is on and
system focus is moved back and forth between 2 different instances of FocusManager class.