Flex 4 AutoComplete component with text highlighting

March 8th, 2010

   Updated: More recent version of this component was announced at September.

   Disclaimer: My implementation of AutoComplete component is based on the revised codebase of AutoComplete 4 component originally created by Tenger Ivan from FlashCommander.org

   Two different search modes are supported : PREFIX and INFIX, to see the difference please play with the interactive sample file below.

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   The auto-completion operation can be achieved in two ways:

  • via keyboard
    First, select the list item by moving selected index via UP and DOWN keys and confirm the choice by hitting ENTER key

  • via mouse
    Just mouse click upon the currently selected list item.

       Disclaimer: the source code of this component is of beta quality and can be obtained for free here: ZIP file, 23 kb. If any bug is found, please let me know.

       UPD: Updated sample file with a real world list of 978 US universities.
       Also a few bugs were fixed related to case insensitive search and not working text highlight of the last string character.