mx:HTTPService calls are cached in IE 6 unnecessary

November 23rd, 2006

Usually, mx:HTTPService is defined in MXML in the following way:

<mx:HTTPService id="accountsRequest"
      method="POST" url="accounts.php"
      result="assignUsersData(event)" fault="onErrorLoad(event)">

Such a HTTP request works flawlessly in Firefox browser, but in IE6 after first call the results of HTTP get cached and a new call to the remote destination never occur. The same issue is discussed at Adobe Flash Player 9 forums.My solution to prevent caching of HTTP requests in IE is to add foo variable to the url of HTTP Service that equals to the random value.

private function changePage(pageIdValue : Number) : void 
      var rnd : Number = Math.round(Math.random()*1000);
      accountsRequest.url = "accounts.php?foo=" + rnd;
      pageId = pageIdValue; 

Mp3 player was released into production this week at Djuicefuns

November 23rd, 2006

Recently, I had programmed a pretty solid mp3 player in AS2, Flash 8. The resulted size of the SWF is 24kb, mainly because of the embedded PNG background bitmap. I relied on External Interface to communicate with JavaScript routines and it works flawlessly for me. SWFObject was used to embed the SWF into the HTML page
It feels really nice to release the product that will be used by 1000+ of people.

The web-site language is Russian, it is social network with a focus on mobile users.

The mp3 player in particular allows to set 2 markers for the song to allow the cut of the song selection to become a ringtone at the mobile.

djuicefuns mp3 player