Macromedia will preserve its name forever in MXML abbreviation

May 11th, 2006

I feel kinda blue, when I see more and more signs that Macromedia brand and Macromedia name will slowly dissappear from the Internet, and only historians and Internet WayBack machine will remember what Macromedia name standed for.

But today, I kinda feel happy again, because Macromedia FleX Markup Language (MXML for short) – a markup language for rich internet applications created by Macromedia back at 2003 and now intelectual property of Adobe will hold the the glory Macromedia name inside MXML abbreviation for ever, I guess.

I think it is very unlikely, that MXML will change its name to AXML (Adobe FleX Markup Language) some day.

John Dowdell, please, do not prove, that I am wrong in my statement!