Cool audio/video player built in Laszlo

March 30th, 2006

I got to know today, that there are at least 5 cool Laszlo developers in Berlin, Germany and most of them are employed in Yokai studios ( site done by help of Laszlo technology).

I am not sceptical here, there are currently only 5 good ( not equal to cool :)) Adobe Flex developers ( me included) in Kyiv, Ukraine ( yep, I am located here 🙂 that I currently aware of.

Yokai studios had delivered quite cool web-site for regional radio-station 104. 6 RTL. Yokai studios developers had applied ColdFusion, Laszlo and some common sense to create an smooth and appealing experience for the visitors of radiostation’s web-site.

Most of all, I liked audio/video player built by the help of Laszlo. Audio/video playback capability – is something that Flash player doing extremely well and no wonder more and more web-sites are supporting Flash video FLV format as a main file format for the video content to be displayed at the web.

Jukebox player

After Pandora’s jukebox, it is a second attempt I saw to create a multimedia player online in Laszlo and both attempts rocks! in my mind.

IMHO, In the battle of commercially deployed audio/video players
Laszlo : Adobe Flex 2:0