A structure to leverage ActionScript development

September 29th, 2005

    In my company, we will use SVN as control version tool ( BLITZ already uses SVN, why cannot we?) and we will have certain ActionScript code conventions rules (Peter Elst did a good presentation on this topic AS 2.0 Best Practices in July 2005).

We’d like to step one more step further, but we failed to found a tool that automatically checks the ActionScript code style – something similar to Java CheckStyle, a tool that Java programmers are accustomed to.

ServiceCapture – is your eyes to watch the data passed via Flash Remoting

September 23rd, 2005

I am falling into love with ServiceCapture tool that deserializes and displays all Flash Remoting (AMF) traffic in a simple-to-use interface.

Right, I admit I copy pasted the sentence above from the official site, but it is true.

serviceCapture gives a developer an good insight on how and what 🙂 data is transmitted between server and client by using AMF protocol. It shows the name of the service called, the name of the method of the data called, the all data being transmitted deserialized.

The tool shows also some performance data of the remoting call as well (data served in bytes, time spent on the call).

The tool has a reasonable price tag 34,99$ and I would recommend it to any flash developer who is using Flash remoting in his/her projects.